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Was zeichnet die Arbeit bei uns aus?

Firstbird’s company culture is motivated, supportive and full of good vibes. Firstbird prides itself on a flat-hierarchy built on transparency, openness and trust. A day-to-day emphasis is placed on hard work, but also celebrating the successes and the small things in life, such as laughter and enjoying meals together.

Diese Benefits erwarten dich!

  • Fitnessangebote

    Physical activity is essential to have a healthy work-life balance, therefore we support this.

  • Aus- und Weiterbildungen

    We believe in lifelong learning and thus promote further education and training.

  • Fun-Corner

    Our employees can hang out in our chilled living room, play a competitive round FIFA and we always cook and have lunch.

Weitere Benefits

  • Getränke
  • Home Office
  • Obst

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We are spreading our wings

We are constantly on the lookout for motivated birdies who are ready to spread their wings and help us change the world of recruiting. We look forward to receiving your CVs for full-time, internship or even project based work.



We are a fully funded fast growing start-up with 50+ paying customers and an outstanding and fully commited team that is eager to create something big. You should be open for constant change and new technologies, always aiming to provide our users with a memorable experience. Interested to join the flock? Send your CV, get in touch with us via email or call us directly.


Entdecke Ausbildungen & Weiterbildungen


Are you writing your final thesis?

If you're interested in applying your theoretical knowledge in a supportive and educational environment, talk to us. We can provide you with the opportunity to write your bachelor or master thesis, in cooperation with us, and across different departments.

Studying and working?

No problem for us! We employ students, both part-time and full-time, and cater to their needs with flexible working conditions.

Nurture your professional and personal growth in a fast-paced environment and help change the world of recruiting as we know it. Firstbird welcomes passionate people from all over the world who want to take on new opportunities and are ready to spread their wings and fly.