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Unsere Arbeitswelt 

Was zeichnet die Arbeit bei uns aus?

The Neomobile way of life is a dynamic and multinational one, developed in the growing mobile and tech industry. The environment in which we work & live is a melting pot of cultures and languages. Our offices are the perfect place where creativity, innovation and teamwork are the main ingredients of our daily and passionate work. Furthermore, Neomobile is always investing in strategies that aim to improve the employees skills, allowing them to acquire broader understanding of the inner dynamics within our company and opportunities to extend their professional boundaries. It’s no coincidence that continuous learning and improvement is one of Neomobile’s corporate values.

Diese Benefits erwarten dich!

  • Aus- und Weiterbildungen

    Continuous learning and improvement is one of our main beliefs, inside and outside the Company.

  • Essenszulage

    Ticket restaurants are very useful, both for lunches and grocery shopping.

  • Mitarbeiter­handy

    Neomobilers mean passion for mobile world! Each colleague has a smartphone both for professional and personal use.

  • Fitnessangebote

    Healthy life for a healthy spirit.

  • Fun-Corner

    Ping pong, football table, game console: 100% fun @ work

  • Getränke

    Energy and concentration: free coffee worldwide!

  • Home Office

    Working from home can benefit employees and improve their productivity.

  • Kantine

    Fully equipped kitchen for our tasty and yummy breaks!

  • Mitarbeiter­events

    The best way to show a glimpse of life @ Neomobile is through many different events: business, training sessions...

  • Mitarbeiter­notebook

    For every colleague, a personal PC to work at the best.

  • Vergünstigungen

    We set agreements and benefits with local to our colleagues divided in Money, Life and Time.

  • Parkplatz

    We offer the chance to have a monthly parking area for our colleagues in HQ.

  • Sabbatical

    We launched a sabbatical programme in Africa for our most ambitious, philanthropic and adventourous employees.

  • Finanzielle Unterstützung bei Umzug

    We provide relocation allowance for those who do a country rotation as a benefit on top of administrative support.

Weitere Benefits

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Neomobile is always looking for Talents!

We are continuously looking for brilliant and motivated students/new graduates willing to work in a Multinational environment, to be hired in different Company business areas! Don't see anything that fits your profile? No worries. Apply now and we'll add your CV to our database!



Neomobile is looking for talented mobile enthusiasts, who want to be part of a growing multicultural environment.
Typically a job interview corresponds to the identity of the person who organizes it, so the company itself: in Neomobile the job interview is informal, interactive, and active. The primary objective is actually to meet, discuss, and see if the company fits for the candidate and vice versa. Our tip? We pay attention to the attitude, the confidence and the consistency that the candidate shows, which is an evidence of detail. It also counts the fluency in introducing himself/herself, but above all the motivation: show us how passionate, brave, and authentic you are!


Entdecke Ausbildungen & Weiterbildungen

Thesis Project

Neomobile is eager to support motivated students during their thesis project and help research diverse mobile markets and businesses, supporting their personal development and the future career opportunities. Our People team is in charge of tutoring them during the thesis editing, allowing them to have a paid internship at Neomobile.

Students who are interested in completing their thesis project at Neomobile are kindly requested to send an e-mail to, mentioning in the subject “Thesis Request”, explaining their motivation, their study path/thesis matter/timing to discuss the project and attach their CV.

Your internship experience

Neomobile places very high value on internship experience that represents the best way for newly graduates gain an insider’s view to a possible career path and networking opportunities. Our internship program helps us in hiring-decisions, and allows us to shape the future experts in digital and mobile technologies. Our internships offer strong professional experience and include all the benefits as Neomobile employees.

As a Multinational Company, Neomobile is appealing to people coming from all over the world, passionate, and willing to foster their professional and personal growth in a fast and dynamic way. Everybody is required to contribute in a significant way to Neomobile’s success!