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Was zeichnet die Arbeit bei uns aus?

We have a flat hierarchy and you will have many possibilities to make your own ideas happen! We are a young team that works together to change the world while having fun. Our mission is to tell everyone’s career story. To achieve this noble goal we make sure that every team member has the possibility to realise their own ideas, engage with others and grow together with whatchado. Of course, you will also have to get used to our startup chaos. We value team spirit above all else — group hugs are a daily business, Mondays start with a whole company breakfast, and our professional coffee machine inspires spontaneous parties in the kitchen.

Diese Benefits erwarten dich!

  • Essenszulage

    Das Mittagessen geht auf uns! Um eure Ausgaben zu senken, versorgen wir euch mit Essensgutscheinen.

  • Obst

    Frisches Obst hält fit und ist gesund, daher stellen wir euch reichlich davon zur Verfügung.

  • Mitarbeiter­events

    Auch das Feiern darf nicht fehlen, denn gemeinsame Aktivitäten stärken den Zusammen-halt und machen Spaß.

Weitere Benefits

  • Verkehrsmittel­zuschuss
  • Mitarbeiter­handy
  • Mitarbeiter­notebook
  • Home Office

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There is no perfect position for you at the moment?

Write us anyway! We are growing and so we are always on the lookout for interesting people that love what we do! Send us a motivational letter that explains how you can contribute to realising our vision and why we should employ you despite no open position.



How should you apply?

Easy! Just send your application — your CV and a cover letter — to jobs@whatchado.com or apply through the job ad. We review all applications carefully and if your profile matches one of our open positions, we will invite you to participate in the next round. When that happens, you will have the opportunity to work with us for a day to get some insights, understand your tasks and get to know the team. This also gives us a chance to get to know you better. In addition, all applicants for key positions will be invited to meet with the management over coffee or lunch. This helps us understand how well your personality fits our company culture.


Be creative! We love innovative applications that show us who you really are. This advice also applies for the interview — just be yourself and stay calm. Authenticity is key!


Entdecke Ausbildungen & Weiterbildungen

Write your thesis with us

Are you looking for a way to apply your theoretical knowledge in a practical setting? We can offer you the chance to write your bachelor or masters thesis with us. This possibility is available in all our departments, including Finance, Marketing, Sales and Video Production.

Acquire experience!

Are you looking for a job besides your studies? No problem! We have many students that work part-time. We offer flexible working hours that match their studying schedule so they can gain valuable work experience.

Find your calling

Our mission is to inspire people and to help them find their calling. This applies not just to our users but also to our own coworkers. Depending on your talents and preferences, you will have the chance to switch departments and experience other positions. From Video Production to Marketing, from an Office Manager to a Graphic Designer — you can make it happen!

First job after graduation

We give graduates without work experience the chance to develop themselves and their skills in our teams. You should be willing to jump into cold waters and be able to finish your tasks fast. A startup is perfect for motivated, self-driven people who are not afraid of stepping out of their comfort zones and tackling new challenges.

Career path

We cannot offer you a template by which you can design your career at whatchado and we cannot tell you where you might be in a year or three. It’s all up to you and your initiative! You have a new idea that brings improvements? Speak up! You see an important task that isn’t being done? Do it! We are always open to new ideas. Many of our current developings and projects came about as a result of team suggestions.