Master Thesis - Micromagnetic simulations for the design of AMR-based sensors (f/m/d)

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The goal of this thesis is to use micromagnetic simulations and analytical model to investigate the effect of both the material and its shape on the design of an AMR sensor. Various geometrical shapes and ferromagnetic systems can be taken into account to enhance the AMR effect in the ferromagnetic sensor. To this end, multiple micromagnetic simulations are necessary to investigate the ground state of the magnetization according to the LLG equation. The student is expected to take over the tasks of studying and comparing the magnetization configuration via micromagnetic simulations for different values and directions of the applied magnetic field.

In summary, we offer to teach about magnetism, magnetic sensor systems, simulations and micromagnetism. We expect willingness to learn and apply this knowledge. The proposed research work also holds the potential to generate peer-reviewed scientific publications and contributions to international conferences.

Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) is on the way to become a top Euro­pean re­search center for elec­tronic based systems. In the network of science and industry, we carry out re­search at the highest global re­search level and thus create the basis for new types of prod­ucts and processes. SAL is divided into four divi­sions: Sensor Systems, RF Systems, Power Elec­tro­nics and System Inte­gra­tion. It is endowed with state-of-the-art facilities, consisting of comprehensive optical labs, C5/C8 cleanroom facilities, back-end processes for micro-packaging, as well as custom prototyping facilities (custom electronic development, 3D printers, CNC-machinery, Inkjet printer).


  • Background in physics, nanoscience, simulations.
  • Ideally experience with scientific finite elements or finite difference methods.
  • Interest to learn about magnetism and microsystems.
  • Ability to work independently AND in a team.
  • High level of English.


  • Start date: March-April 2021.
  • Duration: 6 Months.
  • Payment: € 1.500 gross (38.5 Hours/Week).
  • Additional Benefits: free coffee/milk, € 4.- food allowance per working day in restaurants, homeoffice, no coretime...
  • State-of-the-art laboratories and equipment, including the opportunity to work in a cleanroom environment.
  • An international scientific environment and contacts with our industrial network.
  • Opportunity to work on a hot topic with industrial collaborations.

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