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Our vision is to make you happy by helping you find the profession that suits you perfectly!

Our job platform is both innovative and intuitive. We know that most job postings have a quite similar look and do not give you a true insight into the actual job – with us, people talk openly about what's cool about their jobs and what kind of limitations they might encounter. This way, we create transparency, avoid frustration and increase the chances of a successful application – both for employers and applicants. We bring back openness and humanity to an impersonal job market where applicants have become simple numbers in an anonymous career portal for too long. But that's not all: in your personalised feed of our intelligent user profiles, based on your personal interests and favoured occupational fields, we will only show you jobs that really suit you. At the start of our beta version, we already have over 2000 job listings on our platform – with many more added to it every day. Job postings are linked with over 7,000 whatchado Videostories of people directly from their jobs. In doing so, we are able to display an almost infinite variety of occupations to you – and the job suitable just for you! That makes us the job platform of a new generation! whatchado - find what you really want to do.


We love what we do – and that is exactly what we want to make possible for you too. We are convinced that there is not only the perfect partner for every person in the world, but the perfect job as well. And we will help you find it!


We travel the world for you and ask people from different areas and career levels in front of our camera to give you an insight into as many jobs as possible!


People and their personal stories are infinitely diverse – as is the professional world with its different employers and related jobs. Unfortunately, one can hardly spot the difference between job advertisements that almost all sound absolutely identical. For this reason, we connect job postings with over 7,000 whatchado video stories in which people tell you directly from their jobs. Our intelligent personalised job feed in your user profile will help you to display new jobs that suit your interests and favourite occupations only. Therefore, you will not only be able to take a unique look behind the scenes of employers, it will also prevent you from applying for a job that does not really suit you. Our goal is to make you more satisfied with your job and career, and avoid unnecessary time spent on anonymous applicant portals along the way.


Hi! We are whatchado and work every day to change the world for you. Here you can see what we wanted to be as children and what we do now. You see: plans are changing - and that is a good thing. Find what you really want to do – whatchado!

Childhood dream
Data Tamer & Happiness Officer

Vincent Amadeus Christa

Content Manager
Childhood dream
Dogs First

Kamila Akhmedova

Childhood dream
Hamburger Tester

Arnold Sallay

Full Stack Developer
Childhood dream
Kindergarden Teacher

Monir Hashemzadeh

Graphic Designer
Childhood dream
Master of the Iron Bank

Laura Laubichler

Childhood dream
Film Director
Indiana Jones

Manuel Bovio

Co-Founder & Moving Image Hero
Childhood dream
Digital Historian

Victoria Waba

Content Managerin
Childhood dream
Formula 1 Pilot
Guitar Guy

Daniel Szabo

Lead Developer
Childhood dream
The Hedgehog

Elisa Dey Morente

Video Journalist
Childhood dream
Flying Dutchman

Alexander Keiblinger

Key Account Manager
Childhood dream
Sprint Athlete

Raphael Narovnigg

Head of Product
Childhood dream
Private Investigator
Adventurous Soul

Birgit Hartl

Education Partner Manager

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I don’t know anything comparable to whatchado. As a newcomer to the world of careers it provides me with so many different stories and gives me the opportunity to gain a detailed overview about a job or career.

Sarah-Maroussia Werner
Press Speaker for the Students Union Vorarlberg


Alla Spieldiener

HR-Manager & Bel-esprit

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