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Account Manager*in

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How can I become

also known as Berater*in, Account Manager*in, Kontakter*in, Kunden*innenberater*in, Kundenberater*in, Contact Center Agent*in
Du tauscht dich gerne mit Menschen aus, stehst mit ihnen in Kontakt und betreust sie? Schon als Kind hast du gerne Lösungsvorschläge gebracht und dich um andere gekümmert? Account Manager werden auch als Kontakter bezeichnet und das völlig zurecht, denn als solcher bist du die Schnittstelle zwischen den Mitarbeitern deines Unternehmens und den Kunden. Du kümmerst dich um alle Arten von Kundenreaktionen, ganz egal ob das Lob, Kritik oder Anfragen sind. Den Input leitest du dann an die entsprechenden Abteilungen weiter und koordinierst die Antworten. Dabei bist du nicht nur für Bestandskunden sondern auch für Neue zuständig. Du berätst sie in Produktfragen und führst erste Preisverhandlungen. Das passiert aber nicht einfach so. Damit du an diesen Punkt gelangst, musst du Kontaktpersonen ermitteln, das jeweilige Unternehmen analysieren und ein passendes Vertriebskonzept ermitteln. Dabei müssen Account Manager die richtige Balance zwischen den Interessen ihrer Firma und denen des Kunden finden.

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Working as Account Manager*in

Important Abilities for Account Manager*in

Serving existing customers and attracting new ones is not as easy as it may sound. To satisfy all parties so that they remain with your company requires the right sensitivity and the necessary expertise. You need commercial knowledge and must simultaneously show social skills. You should also be familiar with the term Customer-Relationship-Management. CRM can be seen as a strategic plan that consist of all the important interactive processes like planning and implementation. Your analysis and the information you receive from companies have to be handled with care since they are strictly confidential.

In order for a transaction to be successful, you should be well organised and have analytical competencies. Only with these skills you will be able to have an overview over your various customers and recognise them fast during a phone call. Furthermore, you need to keep track of your sales territory. Bigger companies have more Account Managers who should not all recrute the same companies. Therefore every employee has his own territory. Teamwork and mutual respect are another big part in the job. You won’t get far without excellent knowledge in the english language. There are many potential customers in the global and interconnected world with whom you need to be able to communicate.

How to become Account Manager*in?

There are many educational ways you can choose to end up as an Account Manager. Various trainings, courses and studies qualify you for this profession. Although, it is important that they are in the commercial or economic field. In Austria you can also attend a college or a vocational secondary school. Since there is no standardised, regulated training, it is important to already have working experience when applying for an open position. If you are not in an apprenticeship, an internship during you studies would be a good starting point to establish yourself in the market.


  • Business education / training
  • Study course: Business Administration, Economics


  • Technical schools for economic or commercial occupations
  • Vocational high schools
  • College
  • Study course: Business Administration

Training and Specializations

This job is performance-based, which is why your career growth opportunities and your salary depend on your own performance. The harder you work, the faster you get promoted and will have a brilliant career ahead of you. Your goal should be to ascend from an Account Manager to a Key Account Manager. As a Key Account Manager you take care of the most important customers and are responsible for the highest sales. In addition, you have the opportunity to visit further educations and, for example, learn how to be a Creative Director.

Career Opportunities

  • Account Supervisor
  • Account Group Head
  • Consulting group leader
  • Key Account Manager

Further Education

  • Concept team leader
  • Creative Director

Future Prospects as Account Manager*in

Account Managers find Employers especially in the service industry where they help with their customer service and the acquisition to gain fresh orders. They can either contact them by traveling directly to the customer's location or by creating a first contact over the phone. The competition in this industry is high, but it also has many exciting jobs and tasks for you. In order to be successful you should manage your contact persons because they are valuable for you. Business networks like Xing and LinkedIn can help you with that.

Your future is up to you. The higher the numbers that you deliver, the faster you climb up the job ladder. Over time, you will also supervise more and more important customers. It is important that you always find the right words in front of your customers to keep them satisfied when prices rise or when there are problems with the products delivery.