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How can I become

also known as Bildungsberater*in, Berufsberater*in, Lehrer*in an berufsbildenden Schulen
Berufsschullehrer helfen jungen Heranwachsenden dabei, ihre Persönlichkeit weiterzuentwickeln und ihre Allgemeinbildung zu vertiefen. Als Berufsschullehrer lehrst du deinen Schülern außerdem theoretisches Wissen über den jeweiligen Beruf, zu dem sie gerade ausgebildet werden. Solltest du nur wegen der Aussicht auf freie Tage in den Schulferien Lehrer werden wollen, hast du leider ein völlig falsches Bild von diesem Beruf. Denn in den Ferien musst du den Unterrichtsstoff für das nächste Halbjahr vorbereiten und Klassenarbeiten sowie Hausaufgaben korrigieren. Dabei hast du aber keine freie Entscheidungsgewalt, sondern musst dich an vorgegebene Lehrpläne halten. Du darfst deiner Kreativität lediglich in der Vermittlung des Lehrstoffs freien Lauf lassen. In regelmäßigen Sprechstunden stimmst du dich auch mit den Ausbildern ab und sorgst dafür, dass deine Schüler gut auf die Praxis im Betrieb vorbereitet sind.

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Working as Berufsschullehrer*in

Important Abilities for Berufsschullehrer*in

Your main task is to teach the pupils everything they need in theory for their future professional life. Therefore, you should know enough to answer questions that go beyond your preparations. This includes not only the specific expertise, but also your general education. You then pack this collected knowledge into pedagogic and didactic methodology to help your students understand the material better. Since each student is as individual as the tests you are preparing, it should be easy for you to empathise with people and offer them help if needed. Solution-oriented thinking can help you. For your students, you are an important trust person, which they can ideally addresses not only in school problems. With these pupils and problems, you also often need to be patient. If you remember your own school time, you will quickly realise why. Or have you always been attentive and silent in the classroom? In contrast to primary school teachers, you no longer take over the education in behaviour but help your class to find their own path. However, all teachers have one thing in common: They are in constant contact and in exchange with people - whether it be students, parents or colleagues.

How to become Berufsschullehrer*in?

As a teacher, you contribute a large part to a functioning society. You are shaping the next generation with your lessons. That is why the road to this profession is also strictly regulated. To teach at a German school, you must successfully complete a study for teachers. This can consist either of a bachelor's and master's degree or of the passing of the first and second state examinations. In Austria the study to be a teacher is no longer differentiated according to the respective type of school, but according to the respective educational level or vocational training. As a teacher at a vocational school, you will find yourself at the upper secondary level. In order to achieve this, you have to complete a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree, which has been set up since the fall semester 2016. While, with a bit of luck, you may be able to work as a teacher only with you Bachelor’s degree, you can not expect a permanent job. In exceptional cases teachers who already have a lot of professional experience in their respective jobs are hired in both countries. However, these then must complete courses that teach them pedagogic and didactic methods. You should also not expect a permanent contract as a career changer either. No matter how you ultimately create your career entry: Be aware that you should fulfil certain specific characteristic prerequisites.


  • Completed study for teachers with preparatory service
  • Completed vocational training with educational courses


  • Since the fall semester 2016 a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master's Degree
  • Completed vocational training with educational courses

Training and Specializations

With your decision to teach at a vocational school, you have already decided to specialise in the school system. Nevertheless, you can continue to develop and become, for example, a counselor or a principal. In addition, you can attend advanced training on subjects such as addiction prevention or the use of media in the classroom.

Further developments

  • Counselor
  • Senior teacher
  • Fellow Assistant Professor
  • Principal

Further training

  • Prevention of addiction and violence
  • Dispute settlement
  • German as a foreign language
  • Multimedia in the school

Future Prospects as Berufsschullehrer*in

Education is strongly influenced by politics, and thus the jobs offered to teachers. As we can expect a large number of retirements in the coming years, you have good chances on the labor market, especially in the compulsory education. Qualified teachers are also being sought for vocational schools. In exceptional cases you even have the chance to teach with only a completed undergraduate study in teaching. In this case you should, however, complete your graduate studies too, because for a permanent employment you need to have a Master's Degree.