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How can I become

also known as Lagerlogistiker*in


Working as Betriebslogistikkaufmann*frau

Important Abilities for Betriebslogistikkaufmann*frau

In order to be successful as an operational logistics specialist, you will need to be good at handling numbers and have some expertise in accounting. Computer and data-processing knowledge are also one of the must-haves, as stocks, inputs and outputs are digitally recorded and organised.

Staying fit helps you with the physical stress in the depot and also with the lifting of heavier goods in times when everyone has to get their hands dirty. Normally, this type of activity is done by machines, which is why you should have some technical interest.

Customer orientation and service are top priorities in warehouse logistics. If there are delays - for example in the delivery - you have to be able to work under stress even under certain circumstances. This includes the occasional contact with dissatisfied customers. As a rule, your colleagues support you with whom you should cooperate well and cultivate a friendly approach.

How to become Betriebslogistikkaufmann*frau?

In order to become a company logistics specialist you have to complete a three-year apprenticeship. At the same time you acquire theoretical knowledge in the vocational school and practical work experience in a teaching company. By working in different departments during this time, you get a comprehensive insight into as many stations as possible in the company to comprehend the organisation and the planning.

In addition to basic training, you have the opportunity to take advantage of specific training courses. These are offered in the form of courses and trainings in public and private educational institutions. These include, for example, courses on new warehouse logistics techniques and systems, the growing importance of e-business, further training in the commercial sector, and quality assurance measures.

If you are studying, you can also qualify as a student at the university. Relevant courses for you are, for example, logistics management or industrial logistics.

Training and Specializations

Specialised Training Courses

Further trainings, for example in:

  • Warehouse logistics
  • Business management
  • English
  • computer programs
  • E-Business
  • Quality assurance

Higher qualification at a university, for example in:

  • Study of logistics management
  • Study of industrial logistics

Future Prospects as Betriebslogistikkaufmann*frau

Logistics is becoming increasingly important for modern companies. In the course of the globalisation of the economy, more and more companies maintain international trade relations. Therefore, the number of potential suppliers and customers for companies with storage activity is increasing. At the same time, it is important to optimise storage with regard to the resulting costs and time. In order to meet these challenges, employers are looking for more and more trained professionals.

In addition, the trade on the Internet is experiencing great growth. Again, the dimensions, requirements and, in particular, the demands of online customers are changing. As a result, well-trained specialists for logistics in the area of ​​"e-business" or "e-commerce" are highly needed. There are trainings with special focus or special trainings on this.