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How can I become

also known as Börsenhändler*in, Börsenmakler*in, Transaction Manager, Broker*in, Stockbroker*in, Stockbroker

Working as Wertpapierhändler*in

Important Abilities for Wertpapierhändler*in

As a broker, you need to understand something about business. You do not necessarily have to complete your studies, but you have to be clear about how an economy works and, in particular, you need to know the financial market. Your mathematics and statistics skills must be good enough to understand complex modeling and calculations that help you assess market performance. You need to be ready to train yourself permanently because the market is constantly changing and it is your job to anticipate and react quickly. Stress resistance is a must in your profession. There are two reasons for this: on the one hand, the stock market is very fast-moving and your success depends a lot on the time you make which decisions. So you have to be in fast and concentrated during work. On the other hand, of course, you are responsible for a lot of money that belongs to other people. This can create a certain emotional strain that you must be able to cope with. In addition, you should be open and customer-friendly because you have a consultant function. Your customers must trust you, so you should be accessible and have competence. Since you work mostly internationally, your English should be fluent.

How to become Wertpapierhändler*in?

There is no certain path to be a broker. Many, who work in the area, have nevertheless completed a degree in economics or finance. Also an apprenticeship in a bank and the fitting further education can give you the necessary knowledge. Numerous banks and financial advices are also hiring computer scientists and programmers, as technical knowledge is increasingly in demand in order to exist on the stock market. In order to be admitted to various stock exchanges, you also need an exchange trader's training, which is recognised by the corresponding stock market.

  • Study of economics
  • Study of finance
  • Study of computer science
  • Apprenticeship in a bank

Training and Specializations

First, you graduate from a bank or an investment company to become a certified stock exchange trader, so that you are admitted to the stock market at all. Once this is done, most employers offer in-company training in various fields. You can, for example, learn new software to make the trade more efficient, or acquire new trading strategies.


  • Training as a certified exchange trader
  • Trader
  • In-company training

Future Prospects as Wertpapierhändler*in

As a broker, you can either work in a financial consultancy or you can also advise your customers independently if you have already accumulated a few years of work experience and would like to take the step. In any case, the salary chances are good, because you are dealing with large sums of money. Because of the stricter banking regulation since the financial crisis, the stock market is no longer the easy way to make millions, even movies and TV series try to sell it. Digital change also affects trading with equities. There are now fewer jobs than 25 years ago because many of the work processes are already automated. If think about going abroad, you can consider moving to one of the big finance cities like London, Frankfurt or Dubai. One advantage of your job is that you spend all your time dealing with securities. Therefore you can use your knowledge privately to manage your own assets.