Working as Chemical Lab Technician

Your favorite time of the day were the hours that you spend with you chemistry kit? In addition, the science subjects where the classes that looked forward to every day? Then you could become a chemist. In fact, the work of chemical laboratory assistants resembles the playful beginnings with the kit. However, you have to be more careful with your materials, plan the experiments more closely and have a research goal. Your workplace has also changed. The nursery is replaced by a real laboratory where you can carry out your trials, record your results and then evaluate them. Whether you're just analyzing chemicals, separating them, or producing them, you're always focused and work responsible. Your main task: to check organic and inorganic substances and to get to the bottom of chemical processes. The different subjects such as physics, biology, ecotoxicology and toxicology are the fundamentals of this exciting field.

Stories of Chemical Lab Technicians