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How can I become

also known as Photograph*in


Working as Berufsfotograf*in

Important Abilities for Berufsfotograf*in

Photographing is hard work and needs lots of expertise. You need to know which lighting is needed in which situations. Depending on the nature of the picture you will need to do the makeup, set u the scene and select the right surrounding. Your spatial imagination needs to be well and you need an eye for the perfect scene, because casual pictures won’t start your career.

To use your pictures up to their potential, you will need to know about editing and printing techniques. Depending on whether you prefer digital or analog photographing, the process differs. Especially for digital pictures you should be able to use programs like photoshop.

Returning customers are an advantage regardless of your specialisation. Advertisement photographers also need jobs, same as a photo studio, which mainly deals with passport photos, portraits and events such as weddings and birthdays. This is why service-oriented work and a communicative nature are important. Only those who are satisfied with your work will come back or recommend you to other companies or friends.

How to become Berufsfotograf*in?

Pick up your camera and just start shooting. Well - it is not that easy. Although the profession of a photographer is not legally protected, you should be educated or at least have completed a course so your photos do not look like the ones of an amateur. As in almost all creative professions, many paths lead to the goal. In addition to the apprenticeship, you can also make further training courses or choose a course of studies focusing on photography. In Austria, colleges and vocational schools offer you a good start into the job.


  • Apprenticeship
  • University: photography, communication and media design


  • Colleges and vocational schools
  • Teaching: Photographer
  • Further education: photography, journalism
  • University: Fine arts, design, graphic design and photography, media design, art and design
  • Fachhochschule: MultiMediaArt

Training and Specializations

Do you particularly like landscaping or do you like exciting reports? Then, as a photographer, you simply specialise in it. You can also train yourself to a technician for phototechnics or to a photolaborant.

Future Prospects as Berufsfotograf*in

Photographers are mainly employed in photographic studios, PR and advertising agencies or companies. In addition you have the possibility to make yourself independent. Your own homepage and a strong presence on social media like Facebook, serve you as a portfolio and can help you to get in contact with customers.

Be aware that you will not be able to photograph the newest Karl Lagerfeld fashion right away. Probably you first shoot a few biometric passport photos, in order to make a name for yourself. You need talent, ambition and a portion of happiness. In general, the labor market for photographers is rather unpredictable. A second profession can help you secure your financial future. This can be a profession in the media and advertising industry. For example, if you work as a graphic artist in a marketing department, it also increases your chances to become the director of a campaign. As in many creative professions, contacts are an additional bonus. Networking is just as much a part of your job as photographing itself.