Informatics, Computer and Communications Engineering

How can I become Hacker

also known as Informatiker*in, Programmierer*in

Nowadays security on the Internet has become more important than ever before: every company and almost every private individual now has its own internet presence, private photos stored in the cloud, sensitive data in the email account, or an online bank account with countless important information. Our whole world is now digitally networked. Precisely for this reason, it is always important to protect the data on the Internet from data gag and manipulation. Hackers, who work on the good side, have set themselves the goal of protecting private individuals and companies from such attacks. To ensure this, one of their tasks is to identify potential weaknesses and uncover security gaps. As a hacker, you need mainly knowledge in IT security, which you can best acquire in an IT security study. With the necessary know-how and enough professional practice, many doors are open to you, as the prospects for the future in this area are promising.

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