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How can I become

also known as Immobilienmanager*in, Verkäufer*in, Immobilienkaufmann*frau, Immobilienhändler*in
Von der schicken Penthousewohnung über Hausboote bis hin zu kleinen Studentenwohnungen, als Immobilienmakler kennst du jede Art von Wohnmöglichkeit und weißt, wie du sie an den Mann oder die Frau bringst. Je nachdem, was deine Kunden suchen, stellst du ihnen passende Immobilien vor und bildest das Bindeglied zwischen Vermieter und Mieter oder Verkäufer und Käufer. Um Apartments zu verkaufen legst du Exposés mit den wichtigsten Informationen, wie Preis, Lage und Ausstattung an. Da ein Bild aber bekanntlich mehr als 1000 Worte sagt, fügst du auch vorteilhafte Fotos der Räumlichkeiten hinzu. Wenn es einen atemberaubenden Ausblick gibt, den du ablichten kannst, umso besser. Zeigt deine Kundschaft an einem Exposé besonderes Interesse, machst du eine Objektbesichtigung mit ihnen und beantwortest vor Ort offene Fragen. Vor allem in Großstädten kann es vorkommen, dass sich mehrere Interessenten für eine Immobilie finden. Dann hilfst du dem Vermieter oder Verkäufer den richtigen Bewohner auszuwählen. Wenn es zu einem Match zwischen den beiden Parteien kommt, kümmert sich der Makler um den Vertrag und schließt den Deal ab. Nur bei einem erfolgreichen Abschluss erhält er auch eine Provision. In der Regel ist die erste Wohnung aber nicht gleich die passende. Ein guter Makler hat deshalb immer mehrere passende Immobilien vorbereitet. In diesem spannenden Beruf kombinierst du den klassischen Büroalltag mit Reisen und Kundenkontakt. Wenn dir Abwechslung gefällt und du gerne zwischen Computer und Kunden hin und her switcht, ist dieser Job genau der richtige für dich.

Working as Immobilienmakler*in

Important Abilities for Immobilienmakler*in

The profession of the real estate agent does not have a regular training, so it is very important that you fulfill some requirements on your own. In your profession, you meet many different customers. It is important that you do not shy away from contact with other people and are talkative. After all, you want to sell them a new home. For this you must be communicative and have a certain sales talent. Always remember: only a satisfied customer is a good customer. Positive recommendations can help you establish your business and create a name. A good reputation in this industry is very important to win customers. If you have knowledge in the field of marketing, it can also help you to get orders. English is also an absolute must, since you should be able to present an estate in English.

Of course, brokers also have to bring professional knowledge into the job. You should be familiar with the construction, rental and brokerage law and be able answer questions about property insurance. In addition, you need to assess the realistic value of a property so that it is neither too expensive nor too cheap in market comparisons.

How to become Immobilienmakler*in?

In order to become a real estate broker, you should be able to demonstrate at least a medium level education. It would be better, however, if you have a university entry level. In order to become a qualified real estate broker, an apprenticeship as a real estate buyer or a real estate agent is offered. Then you can visit a certificate course to become a real estate broker. After the successful final examination, you have almost done it. Another way is to study. Here, too, you will learn the necessary expertise. After your theoretical foundation is established, you still need a state authorisation. For this you also have to bring a few prerequisites. For example, you must not have committed a criminal offence in the last five years, you must not have done any tax fraud or a running insolvency procedure, and you should be registered with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

  • Education as a real estate buyer
  • Certificate course to real estate broker
  • Studies: e.g. Real estate management

Training and Specializations

Specialisations are possible mainly in the type of real estate. Many brokers focus on either commercial real estate, or a particular customer base, such as students, families or the high society.

Specialisation in a specific property type

- commercial real estate

- Residential buildings

- Student apartments

- Luxury real estate

Future Prospects as Immobilienmakler*in

As a real estate broker, you will first work in a real estate company. Later you can also be independent with your own company. Especially then you have to market yourself and leave your business card everywhere. This is the only way for landlords and tenants, as well as buyers and sellers, to pay attention to you. Since the money that the broker earns is a large part of the commission, you should try to attract as many different customers as possible. The more satisfied your existing clientele is with your work, the better. Because through good oral propaganda you can build up a large network.

In order to remain competitive and successful in the future, you have to inform yourself about new changes to the tax law and construction law, know the current prices on the housing market. The right place to work can also be important for the career as a real estate broker. In a small village, for example, you will receive fewer orders than in a large fast-moving city.