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Informatics, Computer and Communications Engineering

How can I become

also known as Programmierer*in
Wenn dich jemand als Nerd bezeichnet, nimmst du das als Kompliment. Du bist hervorragend in Mathematik, logisches Denken liegt dir total, und außerdem nimmst du irrsinnig gern Geräte auseinander, um zu sehen, wie sie funktionieren. Du kannst dir auch gut vorstellen, dich in 20 oder 30 Jahren nur mehr um unsere Roboter-Overlords zu kümmern und ihre Stromkreise zu warten. Das klingt nach dir? Dann bist du wahrscheinlich der geborene Informatiker. Als Informatiker ist es primär deine Aufgabe, dir zu überlegen, wie man langweilige und repetitive Aufgaben automatisieren könnte, um das Unternehmen als ganzes effizienter zu gestalten. Dabei musst du dich sowohl um Computernetzwerke kümmern als auch Software schreiben und Datenbanken warten. Dein Job ist es, dafür zu sorgen, dass die Technik reibungslos funktioniert. Wenn du nicht nur unternehmensintern arbeitest, unterstützt du eventuell auch Kunden und lieferst anderen Unternehmen maßgeschneiderte Software.

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Working as Informatiker*in

Important Abilities for Informatiker*in

As a computer scientist you need to know how one writes and improves software, how databases and networks operate and how to handle hardware. Depending on your position, you will specialise in one of these fields. Maybe you specialise in security or software testing. Even though you work mostly on your own, you should have communication skills and be able to work as a team, because you need to have a certain amount of sympathy for the wishes and ideas of other teams or customers while explaining how these can be implemented or, if that is the case, why they cannot be implemented. Most literature and resources are in english, which means you need to be able to comprehend and communicate in that language on a business level. Additionally it is helpful if you have no problem doing multitasking since in most cases you will have to fix problems in many places at the same time. Most importantly, you need to be open for further development, even on your own. This industry is one of the fastest involving ones which means your knowledge might be already outdated next year. If you are not open to this, computer sciences is not the right field for you.

How to become Informatiker*in?

Depending on whether you want to complete a high school diploma or not, you can decide between an education or a study. Education in the field of computer science is, for example, the specialist computer scientist or computer science salesman. If you want to study, you can study computer science, business informatics, or even specialised studies such as bioinformatics or media informatics. Also in Austria you can choose between an apprenticeship or an academic training. You can, for example, do the apprenticeship as an information technologist or a higher technical school.


  • Training as a specialist in computer science or computer science
  • Study of computer science or business informatics


  • Apprenticeship as information technologists
  • BMS, BHS
  • Study of computer science or business informatics

Training and Specializations

If you have completed an education in the field of computer science, you can, of course, do your diploma and a study as a part of your further education. If you have already studied, you can choose various specialisations in different areas of computer science and develop yourself there during your career. In addition, you can complete additional training courses in the field of project management and thus manage computer science projects.

Further Developments

  • Training as project manager


  • IT controlling
  • IT Security
  • Software Testing

Future Prospects as Informatiker*in

Computer Sciences are high in demand. More and more students register for a study in computer sciences, but only a small amount of them also finishes. Once you got through your studies, you have perfect prospects for your future position, since highly qualified experts are in demand. Accordingly to the high demand, your salary is also high. If money is important to you, this is the right field. You can also go international with this profession as long as you are able to communicate in the corresponding language of the country. Your chances to find a job as a computer scientist without a study are also high since nearly every company has one or more computers. Therefore it does not matter whether or not you have a degree, your chances on the job market are high.