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Social Media Experte*in

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also known as Social Media Manager*in, Social Media Betreuer*in
Organische Reichweite hat für dich nichts mit Medizin zu tun und du weißt, dass der Peak in deinem Job keine überfüllten Straßen mit sich bringt. Bewaffnet mit Snapchat, Twitter und Facebook, gehst du in deinen Arbeitsalltag, um Fans zu generieren, Likes zu pushen und den ein oder anderen Share zu ergattern. Als Social Media Manager tust du all das und noch viel mehr. Arbeiten kannst du eigentlich von überall und das musst du auch. Denn in der einen Minute berichtest du mit dem Smartphone live von einem Event und in der nächsten sitzt du im Office am Laptop und analysierst den letzten Tweet, den du ins World Wide Web geschickt hast. Die Kreativität gehört also genauso zu deinem Job wie die anschließende Analyse deines Contents. Dabei hast du eines immer Blick: Deine Fans.

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Working as Social Media Experte*in

Important Abilities for Social Media Experte*in

Likes, shares and comments mean not only that you post funny pictures and the rest runs by itself. As a social media manager you should be able to deal not only with words, but also with numbers. Because you have to plan how to use your budget. Do you invest in page likes or sponsor your new post? How do you get more commitment without paying more? In your world, everything revolves around Paid and Organic Reach. In order to keep an overview, you should know what these words mean and apply them correctly in your strategies. By the way, you need not only specialist knowledge in the media and formats, but also organisation. Your fans rely on getting their beloved content at regular intervals. Stress should not hurt you either since you will often have to react quickly to a shit storm and always find the right content. The social networks celebrate you fast for your funny pictures, but will also punish you just as fast, if your content fails. That's why you do not necessarily have the classic Nine-to-Five job. Although you can plan most of the releases, you should keep an eye on the platforms, as you are always in touch with your community. If you add a few Skills in cutting and Photoshop in addition to your know-how around the social networks, you can improve your chances. That English is not only welcome in this profession, but absolutely obligatory, should be clear.

How to become Social Media Experte*in?

Although there is no standard way to the profession of social media managers, you should nevertheless consider a study of the communication science or media management at a university or university of applied sciences. After all, you should understand at least the basics of the media landscape and the advantages of what format. If you just publish a few thoughts or pictures, you will not meet a successful career. To increase your chances for a job after your studies, you should start looking for an internship at an early stage and make a good impression there - the dream of becoming a social media manager is not just you rs alone. An apprenticeship in the media business can also help you get on the job. As such, you will also learn about budget planning and get to know the workplace.


  • Communication science, media management, journalism, journalism, media science
  • Apprenticeship as a media salesman

Training and Specializations

As a social media manager, you can not attend any specific training that will get you up and running fast. Instead, it depends a lot on your own initiative. You must always be on the trail of the latest trends and understand your target audience. You can specialise on those target audiences as well. Furthermore, you love to post on social media or the direct contact with users through Snapchat? You prefer to publish a nice picture via Instagram instead of writing a blog article on Twitter? If so, you may put your focus on a special social network. Nevertheless, you should be an all-rounder and at least understand other social media channels.

Future Prospects as Social Media Experte*in

While a few years ago there were no social media managers at all and an intern was responsible for the Facebook presentation at best, job offers for this profession are now increasing. As a company want reach their target groups, a successful appearance on the Internet and on the respective social media channels is very important. Whether you are a PR agency that works for other companies such as Facebook, Instagram and Co., a company's communications or marketing department, or media institutions, social media managers have many professional opportunities. The marketing industry - especially the online marketing division - is gaining in relevance. Nevertheless, the competitive pressure is not to be underestimated. Many want to work in this new exciting job.