I prefer a job where I

travel a lot
always stay at my workplace

I am better at

engaging with people
listening to people

To motivate a group of people

is hard for me
is easy for me

When solving a problem I focus on

the details
the big picture

I want a job which requires me 

to work mentally
to work physically

In my job, I prefer having

little contact with clients
a lot of contact with clients

I prefer

developing new ideas
bringing new ideas to implementation

I would rather

know in advance what is going to happen
deal with new issues

When I come home from work, it is important to me

that it was great fun
that I have earned a lot of money

I prefer

having a lot of hobbies
focusing on just a few hobbies

I find it easier

imagining something in my mind
seeing something with my own eyes right in front of me

I prefer a job where I

come home at the same time each day
come home at different times

I prefer a job where I can

focus on a single task
deal with various, different tasks

I like changes

only if there are problems
even if everything is okay - just to learn new things


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