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Über uns

We - the Hoeckle Austria GmbH - are originally a family company established in 1928 in Stuttgart, Germany. In the year 2000 the serial production automotive started in Langenegg, Austria. Hoeckle has turned into a worldwide established and known trade mark of machined parts to automotive industry. We specialize on machining of wide range of crankshafts and connecting rods for both automotive and industrial applications. Since november 2017 we are part of Jet Investment. Together with Jet Investment our goal is to strengthen our position of a system supplier for precise metal components.

website: www.hoeckle.com

branche: metal industry

establishment date: 1928 (Langenegg Factory: 2000)

speciality: Crankshafts, Connecting Rods, Hardening

Lena Zeidler

Assistenz HR