Profession Segments

Particularly Sought-After Occupations in 2019

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Trends in the job market come and go – In 2019, there is a particularly strong search for new talent in these professions. Inform you!

Be it in technical professions, in heavy crafts or in health care - there are many sectors in which companies are desperately looking for employees. Here you will find video stories of people working in these professions clearly summarised. Get inspired!

Technical Jobs59

You have a passion for technical jobs whether it is mechanical engineering, metal technology or electrical engineering? Perfect, look around!

Occupations in Construction & Heavy Craft36

Be it as an electrician, welder or in tool making, you like to work with your hands? Here you are exactly right!

Occupations in the Automotive Industry13

Jobs in automotive engineering, automotive mechatronics, or system technology interest you? Great, inform yourself here!

Occupations in Health Care10

You like to care for other people, be it as a nurse, in geriatric care, or in child care? Have a look around here!

Occupations in Restaurant and Hotel Management9

Whether as a cook, hotel or restaurant expert – hotels and restaurants have always been a magical place for you? Get inspired here!

Occupations in Administration & Accounting9

You like to juggle numbers and have a great deal of organisational skills in payroll, personnel organisation and accounting? Perfect – have a look around!