Company TeaserMy Career: It's mine to build - Andrea Stocker-Sohstat EY Switzerland
Andrea, an Equity Partner in Indirect Tax from our Lucerne office, talks about her experience of working 60 percent in a leadership role, shares how she succeeds in her career, and how she maintains her work-life balance.


What’s your purpose statement? Are there any turning points in your career?

My names is Andrea Stocker, and I am a very proud Equity Partner at EY working part-time with 60 percent. I lead the Indirect Tax practice in Central Switzerland.

My passion is to support our clients in setting up global supply chains, and this gives me a lot of insights in different industries but also the opportunity to work with other teams in Switzerland as well as abroad.

The turning point in my career occurred when one of my mentors told me that she sees clear potential for my future career. Until then, it was never my goal to become a partner in a big four. But she convinced me that I have the capabilities but also the personality to reach that goal, and it worked.

And believe me, there were times which were very exhaustive with hardly any sleep and very demanding clients and bosses. But my experience shows that I gained much more flexibility and liberty with the changing needs of the kids. As a family, we love to do outdoor activities together and just having fun. But also spending time with my husband is very important for me. And the traditional girls weekend once a year with my best friends, helps me to recharge my batteries. I am very happy that EY provided me the opportunity to become an Equity Partner even with a workload of 60 percent.

My advice to you is: there is no right or wrong answer, it is your career. We as EY leaders are here to support you.

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