Company TeaserMy Career: It's mine to build - Bettina Holzat EY Switzerland
Bettina, a manager in FSO consulting, shares how she balances her career and family life with a 70 percent workload, how she succeeds, and what helps her to recharge.


What motivates you at work in EY?

The three aspects that drive me to work are: 1) the diversity of our project landscape, 2) the client communication and the close client interaction, and 3) our team. A team which is dynamic, motivated, engaged, committed, and we are trying to make change and to solve our clients’ issues.

How are you managing family and your career during the pandemic?

During the first lockdown last spring it was quite a big challenge, and we realized that it is all about good teamwork. So, the first teamwork is obviously me and my husband, we have to communicate and to organize our days accordingly. The second team, is the project team together with the clients. And as we have been quite a young team, it was critical that all team members knew what to do and who to ask.

What kind of support is needed to enable your career?

I guess the main three pillars for being successful in my career are the following: 1) I have received great support at home: my husband is a former consultant, so he knows the workloads and what is required to be in this position, 2) is the team, you have to work with a strong team, and also enabling them to take over their own tasks, to take over own work packages, and 3) you have to be surrounded by engaged partners who are open for part-time workers, see the benefit of it and support you. We recently launched an initiative across several service lines – some of them are mothers, others work part-time – to support each other, to exchange positive and negative experience, to listen to each other, provide recommendations, and also generate improvement ideas to support our firm.

How do you recharge? And how are you contributing to a better working world?

First, is being in the nature, it can be in the forest, at the lake, in the mountains. Secondly, being creative and doing something with my hands, and the third and most important one, is being surrounded by beloved ones, like my family and friends.

I am contributing to “build a better working world” with an internal and external view. I like when clients come to me and ask for advice, share their issues and we can go back and provide them our solutions. And secondly, as a counselor, people lead and part-time female employee a lot of people come to me and ask for support and help, they share their experience and I can share my own.

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