Company TeaserMy Career: It's mine to build - Elizabeth Whitfieldat EY Switzerland
Liz, EY Switzerland’s Chief Talent Partner shares her experience of working 80 percent in a leadership role, talks about her purpose and motivations, and how she maintains her work-life integration.


What’s your purpose statement?

I aim to have an impact through driving sustainable change in value, be it for our people, our clients or our business as a whole.

Are there any turning points in your career?

No specific turning points. I honestly believe each experience builds towards the next. However, joining EY was certainly one of the better decisions. The richness and diversity of experiences and opportunities that I have gained have been truly fantastic. On top of all that, I really enjoy the people whom I worked with.

Do you any mentors?

I don’t have a specific mentor; however, I have been very fortunate to have many mentoring moments with many fantastic people throughout my career. I have been fortunate to have people close to me, who believe in me and who opened up opportunities that I may not have first thought of. As a result. I reconsidered the limits that I have put on myself and my own potential to achieve.

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