Company TeaserMy Career: It's mine to build - Jennifer Mathiasat EY Switzerland
Jennifer, a newly promoted partner from our Zurich Assurance Audit team, shares how she enables a positive work-life integration as a full-time working mother of two small children, what energizes her and how she disconnects from work.


What motivates you at work in EY?

I love being challenged every day. And I love the flexibility that EY offers to be able to also spend time with my family, which makes me very happy.

Do you have any turning point in your career? And how are you getting help?

I think, the biggest turning point in my career was just after I was promoted to manager. I was in Chicago in the US, and I was looking for something new, a new challenge, something to sort of re-energize me. And it was then, when actually the opportunity came up to move to Switzerland. I moved here, site unseen, and I had planned to stay for only three years. I have been here now almost over eight, found a new home in Switzerland and I am very proud to just have been asked to join the partnership last year.

For me, the support is first and foremost coming from my spouse. We are really a team in every sense of the word, he is also a full-time working father, and so we have a really nice balance of helping and supporting each other, both from a career perspective and with our family life. And then, within EY I have so many fantastic mentors, sponsors and colleagues that fully support making life-work integration possible.

How do you recharge? And how are you contributing to a better working world?

I think, for me, my me time has consciously become family time. And I love that, that’s what keeps me energized, spending time with my family helps me take a break from work. I love to be outdoors, we love to ski, to hike and to travel, when we can. That is really what helps me stay energized.

I am trying to lead by example, trying to show others that it is possible to have a positive work-life integration, and I try in all my teams to support also all the individuals doing what outside of work makes them happy. It is your career, so make it work for you! And we, here at EY and leaders in this organization, are here to support just that.

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