Company TeaserMy Career: It's mine to build - Kaisa Sparksat EY Switzerland
Kaisa, Senior Manager in Financial Services in Indirect Tax, reflects on her career journey, tells us what support she gets and shares her insights on building individual career paths.


What drives you at work in EY, which in turn gives you fulfillment?

What really drives me is the fact that I get to learn new things, get to lead a team, build up a new business, there are constantly new challenges that I get to take on, that really drives me and makes work exciting. In fact, it was a really big moment in my career when I moved here to Zurich for example seven years ago. And also, when I was asked to join financial services from the industry part of the business.

How do you get support in your career? How do you define success and what advice would you give younger consultants?

I think, I always managed to find support at work, so whether that’s either official or inofficial mentoring. You always find role models, people that you can connect with and who support you. Other than that friends, family and my spouse. Success for me that’s quite closely linked to the things that give me joy. So it’s a lot about being able to learn and evolve at work. That was a common theme throughout my career at EY, there’s always something to learn and try something new.

How do you recharge and how are you contributing to “building a better working world”?

I have my ‘me time’, I mean that’s gotten both easier and more difficult throughout the pandemic. Because on one side you have your laptop in your very personal space the entire time but at the same time, once you shut down you are at home and you can recharge. I spend time with my husband I go running, I read a lot, I knit and crochet. And I also started baking.

I took a little bit of time to figure out what “building a better working world” means for me personally. What I found is, I am very passionate about ‘Diversity and inclusiveness’ at work, so I focus a lot of energy on driving those types of initiatives. That’s for example working with the women in financial services network that we drive as well as a mentoring program for female managers and senior managers and I also facilitate a lot in our internal training programs. Those are things, I really feel strongly about.

When it comes to your career journey at EY, I think, make it your own, grab those opportunities that come up, don’t be afraid to try something new, just get out there and build your own path.

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