Company TeaserMy Career: It's mine to build - Mathias Zellerat EY Switzerland
Mathias, an Associate Partner from our Berne office, looks back on his sixteen years at EY, shares how he is handling responsibilities while working part-time, and encourages others to choose what best fits their individual situation.


What motivates you at work in EY?

With our team, we do support our clients in achieving a more robust accounting and reporting process. Personally, I am interested in people and their stories, in clients and their businesses but also in doing an analysis which is then implemented at our clients. In my job, I combine all the three which is great!

How do you manage your career and family? Do you get support in your career working part-time?

I also focus on having a balanced life, and since six years now I am working in a 80 percent workload, in my case to take care after the kids. And I truly believe that this has certainly enriched my personality but has also transformed to my working life. My wife is working 60 percent and together we share responsibilities such as the household and taking care of the kids. And sharing sometimes requires a bit of flexibility, but I think, more important is that you have the responsibility. And indeed, showing and demonstrating to your stakeholders that you are working part-time, that you need that responsibility outside of the working life is important. And believe me, it is very well accepted.

What advice would you give to younger consultants? How are you contributing to a better working world?

Obviously, with a family with kids of the age four and six, that’s very much in the centre of my life. And I think being balanced, means that you also need something else. In my case, that’s sports twice a week, gardening but it’s also the traditional annual five-day hiking trip with my wife.

Looking back at the last 16 years I am now with EY, I see a journey full of ever new experiences and opportunities. For me personally, it included working abroad twice, facilitating in trainings, mentoring younger employees and I was also changing roles and responsibilities. And frankly, working part-time is an important element, and there will be new opportunities coming. So, do likewise, take charge of your career and create those opportunities for yourself!

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