Company TeaserMy Career: It's mine to build - Mundia Moola Büsserat EY Switzerland
Mundia, Senior Manager in Tech Consulting, reflects on her career at EY, which she started as a consultant while raising a family in parallel. Working part-time (80%) also helped her establish her side business as a personal trainer.


What drives you, what gives you fulfillment?

Growth and development drive me when I’m working towards my goal. I’m also most happy when I’m supporting people and seeing them develop, either personally or professionally. This gives me a lot of fulfillment.

Solving the world’s toughest challenges whilst building a better working world.

Both family and career are important to me, and before Covid, it was pretty easy because there was a distinction in terms of location, of home and work, so we had that separation. During Covid, it all changed, the lines got blurred. You find yourself as a parent in the middle of a working day. What we tried to do as a family and shared with our daughters, was to set focus areas for meetings as well as family time. I remember, after a big closing meeting of an audit, after having said goodbye on the call, I ran downstairs and gave my daughters a hug. It was a great feeling that wouldn’t have happened under normal circumstances and it’s a balance.

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