Career Orientation of a new generation

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whatchaSKOOL - where we speak to students as equals

Within our interactive presentation on career orientation and the labor market, we show young people the vast range of professional opportunities, the activities they involve and how one can get to a certain job. The whatchaSKOOL-talk itself is divided into three major sections: insights into the personal career development of the speaker, history, and fields of application of the platform whatchado.com and the interactive part in form of a quiz and a Q&A session.
Our main aim is to meet and communicate with young people on the same level - to motivate and inspire them through personal and authentic real-life encounters.
We want to show them that there are no limits, they should and need to believe in themselves and just go their way.

Good to know

      • Aim: Professional information, motivation and inspiration
      • Target group: young people between 14-18 years
      • Duration: 60-90 minutes
      • Price: On request

Worth mentioning

  • Since 2014 we have reached over 80,000 young people
  • 8 partners from Austria, Germany and Switzerland support us on our mission
  • We are already present in 4 countries
  • Since October 2014 we have been traveling from school to school

Upcoming Events

Date School / Event Location City
Sep 26, 2018 Europaschule Gymnasium Papenburg/Emsland Russellstr. 33, 26871 Papenburg 26871 Papenburg, Germany
Sep 26, 2018 VHS Papenburg Europaschule Gymnasium Papenburg/Emsland, Russellstraße 33, 26871 Papenburg 26871 Papenburg, Germany
Oct 5, 2018 NMS Vorderweißenbach Müllergasse 2, 4191 Vorderweißenbach Vorderweißenbach, Austria
Oct 23, 2018 Max-Born-Gymnasium Germering Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Straße 8, 82110 Germering 82110 Germering, Germany


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