Jharana Bajracharya
Meditation Trainer

”Only through my own inside I can share.” The coolest part of Jharana Bajracharyas job as a Meditation Trainer is that first of all, she has to get to know her inner self before being able to teach others. After winning the Miss Nepal Contest she started working as an actress, but later she changed back to what she liked since she was a teenager: “I started practicing meditation when I was 16 and I really loved it.”


Drei Ratschläge an Dein 14jähriges Ich!

Travel more, I would love to travel more. Learn any good instrument because I love music.

Was steht auf Deiner Visitenkarte?

Jharana Bajracharya, Meditation Kuala Lumpur that would be the next venture.

Was ist das coolste an Deinem Job?

I am my own guinea pig because in meditation it's not like you just teach. Not unless you have your own insight to share, you cannot really share it others so only through my own insight I can share. So that's the coolest part that I have to be learning myself before I start. I guess that's in any teaching profession but that's the coolest part.

Welche Einschränkungen bringt Dein Job mit sich?

Since like I've been engaging so many different professions and as an actor I have limitation. Limitation to what I do in the public or you could your own boundaries also and in meditation more than a limitation is more a discipline that you stay in. So in any profession you have your own discipline and if you exceed that discipline then the profession doesn't exist.

Worum geht es in Deinem Job?

Well, my profession previously here in Nepal was an actor. And am still continuing it by doing some videos sometimes but not as a full fledged actor profession anymore but now since am starting meditation center in Malaysia basically my work day is creating a program and taking classes facilitating majorly. I basically guide people how to practice meditation, I do guided meditation or even consultation in regarding how to practice meditation and one of the horrors as a beginner, what should be considered to practice all these stuff.

Wie sieht Dein Werdegang aus?

: I was born in Nepal. My parents are, my father is Muslim, my mother is new eye Buddhist, middle class family. After tenth grade I joined Miss Nepal just for fun and ended up winning it and then somehow I landed up doing a movie and then it just became a profession. My education was, I didn't continue it right after but later I ended up finishing my degree in Sociology. I started practicing meditation when I was 16 because my family members they all practice meditation. So I did, I went for the retreat when I was 16 and I really loved it and I was really fascinated by it more than spirituality then I just started practicing it and I just became a, really part of my life for the last 15 years now. So now just feel like I can share it so I am just facilitating.

Ginge es auch ohne Deinem Werdegang?

Yeah, I think anybody can be a facilitator in anything as long as they're interested in it and they really feel that they can contribute. Anybody can do it.