Chandan GooptaCEO
Karriere Level

“Keep learning, make good friends and enjoy your life to the fullest“, would be Chandan Gooptas three pieces of advice to his 14-year-old self. His company does ”sentiment analyses for a business or product, which tells what their customers are thinking or saying about their product, so that they can improve it.“ What he really enjoys a lot about his job is, “when customers come to us, and tell us, that it’s not that easy without us.“


Drei Ratschläge an Dein 14jähriges Ich!

Keep learning, make good friends and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Was steht auf Deiner Visitenkarte?

My name Chandan Goopta and CEO and my company name that is the opinion.

Was ist das coolste an Deinem Job?

The coolest part I would say our team is like a family and it’s not like doing a job, I like writing algorithms, I love working on It and so I build them, I give it to my team to build it and then we have, fun we go out where we have lunch and dinners, we go for checking’s, so it’s fun overall. There are times when some customers come to you and they say that, it was never easy without us and that makes me happy

Welche Einschränkungen bringt Dein Job mit sich?

Sometimes I have to set up meeting with the clients which are off the clock like which are not in the same time line so I have to wake up at night which I hate it.

Worum geht es in Deinem Job?

Our Company does Sentiment Analyses which is sort of customer sentiment analysis for a business or a product, which tells what their customer are thinking or talking about their product, so that they can improve their product, they can talk to their customer, they can reach to their customers easily we make the link between the customers and the business easy. I write algorithms and set up meeting with clients, I talk to business and then I try to sell my products. On general working day, I’d first go to my office and set up a start up meeting with my engineers and then we dig in to writing some algorithms, and on some typical days we have a couple of meetings and entire day will being to computers.

Wie sieht Dein Werdegang aus?

I’m a computer engineer, I did my graduation from India and then came to Nepal for my post graduation where I did my research on Sentiment Analysis and I’m about to complete that research and my job is related to sentiment analysis, and that’s why I thought of taking the research forward and turning it to my business.

Ginge es auch ohne Deinem Werdegang?

I would say yes, not necessarily one needs to be a computer engineer to do the job, if they can learn the algorithms, if they can learn to code and obviously if they can learn to do the business they can do it.