Kevin "Noizeeh" Jaskiewicz

"I have a very basic background. I go to school and I just play video games like any other person." Kevin thinks anyone can be a successful streamer: " If you have the motivation and you put the hours into it, you can definitely do it."


Drei Ratschläge an Dein 14jähriges Ich!

Study hard, sleep and play lots of video games.

Was steht auf Deiner Visitenkarte?

My name is Kevin, or Noizeeh on the Internet, and I'm a streamer

Was ist das coolste an Deinem Job?

Basically the interaction with people. I love interacting with people, creating new relations. It's just really fun to interact. That's the best part. And anything that happens after that... That's just... A bonus, I guess.

Welche Einschränkungen bringt Dein Job mit sich?

If you're like me, I try to be the best at whatever I touch. So, like, the challenge is putting in enough hours and then becoming really good. Becoming good is the real challenge. It's hard work and dedication that gives you the end goal.

Worum geht es in Deinem Job?

First of all, you need to entertain a whole viewer base, which is a task in itself. But what I do... I'm just myself on my stream, basically. And that's entertaining enough. There aren't really that many tasks, but if you have a stream schedule like I do, you wanna be on point, basically. You don't wanna be late, you don't wanna be too early. You wanna be on point. And that's basically the only task. And then, you'd also want to produce content. Like, regularly, on youtube. You'd want to use your social media. Those are really the tasks. I wake up, I go to school, I come home, I stream for about 4-6 hours and then I do my homework and then I go to sleep. I try to go to as many events as possible. If there's an event in Sweden, I'm most likely there.

Wie sieht Dein Werdegang aus?

Well, I started playing video games when I was four years old. I got a nintendo 64 from my uncle, and since then I've been playing games constantly. I've been interested in eSports since I was 8. Every time I touch a game, I spend so many hours on it. I try to be as good as I possibly can, and those results are showing now, I guess. Back when I was speedrunning Super Mario 64, I put a lot of time into it. After two years, I became the best in Sweden, one of the best players in the world. Like top 6 in the world, out of 1000 players or something. And that was really fun. And, basically, that's the timeline. And, oh yeah, I've studied Technology for three years now. It's my last year in school right now. It's tons of math, tons of physics, lots of computer work, because I want to work with programming, web development, things like that. I haven't really had any jobs so far either, because I've been constantly studying, and streaming and playing video games.

Ginge es auch ohne Deinem Werdegang?

I have a very basic background. Like, I go to school and I just play video games like any other person. In order to achieve things in video games, let's say eSports or anything you play, you just need to put a lot of hours into it. And I think that anyone can do it if they're determined to do it. If you have the motivation and you put the hours into it, you can definitely do it.