Paras Khadka

“First and foremost my job is to play good cricket and being a captain is about being responsible, showing the people how things should be done and just motivating people.“ The main motivation for Paras Khadka himself as cricketplayer and team captain is “just playing for your country, that’s the most satisfaying feeling for all of us.“ What would be his advice to his 14-year-old self? “Explore yourself. All of us are good at so many different things. So you need to find what you are good at.“


Drei Ratschläge an Dein 14jähriges Ich!

For me I think, if I was 14 years old I would, maybe, you know, get more extracurricular or get involved in more extracurricular activities. I think education-wise, when I was in school I was very, very good, so for education wise I was pretty much covered. For every kid out there I would say whether you are good in music, sports, education should be your first and foremost priority. Without education I don’t think you can move forward so I think education should be a must for you. Plus get involved with extracurricular activities, explore yourself. All of us are good in so many different things. So you need to find what you are good at and give your best shot and it will be like work hard for sure. And like be honest in what you are doing. I think being honest and disciplined. Just talking, communication is very important when you get with your parents especially as a 14-year-old. Most of us are very shy and we don’t want to discuss things. It’s very important you let your parents know what you want and I’m sure they will never say no to something. And they will only come help you complete your studies, so complete your studies if you study well. If you study well, I don’t think there is any parent out there who will say don’t do this and that. So education should be your first and foremost priority, work hard and realize what you are good at and keep, I mean, dream big, I always say this to people it’s very important as an individual to dream big, once you dream big then only you can push yourself to reach where you want to.

Was steht auf Deiner Visitenkarte?

I don’t have a card, so my business card would be like what I, when I play well, what will be on the newspaper, that’s my business card.

Was ist das coolste an Deinem Job?

Playing for the country itself. You know when you play in front of 15 -20 thousand people, when you play here, everywhere you go, there are a lot of Nepalis out there who came and support us, just playing for your country that's a more satisfying feeling for all of us. But then I think this playing, there are great bunch of players, and I think we are almost like brothers, like all of us. So when most of us have played through the ranks that we came through, under 15, under 16, under 18 so basically everyone is like a part of cricketing family, we are like a family, so everybody, we know each other very well. The coolest part is just playing for your country. I think we are very, very privileged and we are very proud that we are playing for our country and let’s hope we can keep doing well.

Welche Einschränkungen bringt Dein Job mit sich?

Limitations, I wouldn’t want to term myself as limitations, I don’t think there is a limitation, or this bar that you can reach. For us and for me and myself you can only set the bar higher every time. We have been doing very well, if you talk about limitations and standards and whatever. We have managed to get into the 2020 World Cup now the next goal is to get to the 50 World Cups, that’s setting bars. There is no limitation to what a person can do or what a team can do or what an individual can do. So you shouldn’t set limitation for yourself individually as well as a team I think we have set very high standards for ourselves and let’s hope you know through hard-work and determination we can reach where we want to be in the future. Family wise, time wise sometimes it’s hard because like we travel a lot. We are constantly playing I think it is like going to 9 -5 office. So there are times when you don’t have time for your family and friends, but that's why family and friends are there, they understand. I think being part of the cricketing circle and cricket life, I think there are times when you have to stay away from home, I think the family and friends have understood that, that's how it’s been going on.

Worum geht es in Deinem Job?

Honestly being the captain of the cricket team, I think first and foremost my job is to play cricket. Play good cricket make sure I lead from the front. I try and manage things the best way possible way that I can and being a captain it s about being responsible, showing everyone how things should be done and just motivating people as a captain, we have a very young team. So it’s my responsibility that I take to motivate the youngsters to do well, I don’t think you need motivation to play for the country, I mean when you reach to that level, you don’t need motivation but still you need to keep pushing players and get them focused. So I would say my job is to give my best effort as a player, and as a captain. Try to motivate others so they can perform better.

Wie sieht Dein Werdegang aus?

My background, If I say I was born in Kathmandu, I’m from Kathmandu itself. I studied in South Point Boarding High School, I live in Baneshwor that school is also 10 minutes from here. I did my plus two in White House International College and I completed my bachelors from Golden Gate. And talking about cricket, I didn’t plan to become a cricketer, like a started very young, back in 2002, starting 2003 I got selected for the Nepal under 15s. I was in a great team then after under 15, I got selected for under 17s and then 19s and they graduated me to the senior team. All this years I have been very blessed and I have been very, very great, it’s been an amazing journey, people around me have helped me to do things and I have been surrounded by good bunch of people, my friend and family have always given me the right, I would say advice; how to stay stable and how to manage things. I have learned a lot from the people around me. I’ve been a captain for the last five years now, I became captain in 2009. I was the captain of under 17 Nepal team and then captain of the senior team since 2009. So far it’s been good. People say, being a captain there are so many thing that you are need to do but then I take it a point where I think you need to do what you need to do irrespective of whether you are a captain or not a captain. I think I said before as well, you are a player first, and as long as you can do well as a player, being a captain or not really doesn’t matter. So it’s good to be termed as a captain but I won’t be a captain forever. I was a player once, I’m a captain now, so if I keep on playing, I’ll try and do the best of what I can.

Ginge es auch ohne Deinem Werdegang?

Of course, anybody can become a good cricketer; it doesn’t really have to do with what background you come from, as long as you are good in what you are doing. And so I think and I’m sure like the cricket structure is going to change pretty soon and that means it’s going to provide an opportunity for everybody to come and play cricket and at least give it a try. I believe there’s a lot of talent out there in this country and if everybody gets an opportunity I’m sure they’ll prove themselves and come out with flying colors.