Jon Ladron de Guevara
Graphic Designer
bei Braintribe

“I work for different departments, they always have different requirements and it’s pretty difficult to make everyone happy at the same time”, Jon Ladron de Guevara talks about the limitations in his job. The native Basque works as a Graphic Designer at Braintribe, using Adobe as most important tool, but “my favorite tool is a pencil and a notebook.”


Wer bist du und was machst du?

Jon Ladron de Guevara, Graphic designer at Braintribe and my phone number

Worum geht’s in deiner Lehre?

Braintribe os a software developing company and I do part of the graphic designing for it. I come in the morning, I see you in front of my computer and I look for inspiration websites. Then I get to work today is mostly templates for presentation, pixel graphics, pics for social media and all this process starts with the briefing from my supervisor, brainstorming from the creative team and it goes over and over again till we get to the point. I use softwares from Adobe, but my favourite still is a pencil and a notebook.

Wie bist du zu dieser Lehre gekommen?

I come from the Basque country that lies between France and Spain to beautiful place. I started studying engineering but it wasn't really the way I wanted to go. During all the study I was doing a lot of drawing and graphic design content by myself till I decided I'm going to go for it. This is my job now. I'm happy with it. It makes me enjoy my day time, and yeah, it's beautiful.

Welche Eigenschaften sollte man mitbringen?

I don't think so. To be graphic designer you need to have something that not everyone has and it's not just creativity, but it's also a sense of order in space vision.

Was ist das Coolste an deiner Lehre?

The people! I like the atmosphere here at the company. I like how I can go to everyone talk to them and learn a little bit of out of someone. The way Braintribe takes care about their employees and the very coolest thing of my job is that I can create something from scratch out of my ideas and there's nothing more beautiful than creating things.

Was ist die größte Herausforderung?

I work for different departments. They're always have different requirements and it's pretty difficult to make everyone happy at the same time.

Der wichtigste Ratschlag in deinem Leben… ?

From the Spanish poet Anthony Machado: “There’s no road. The road is made by walking.” Embrace your world, that's who you are. Don't be scared to make mistakes. You can learn from them.

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