Jaroslav Zivny
Cloud Engineer
bei Erste Bank
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Cloud Systemtechniker*in
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Zur Anmeldung
25 - 34
Höchste abgeschlossene Ausbildung
Master / Magister
Karriere Level
Jahre in der Organisation
1 - 5
Jahre in der aktuellen Tätigkeit
1 - 5
The coolest thing about my job is that what I work on is used by thousands of people – including me – and I learn a lot about new technologies and how to use them in my job, says Jaroslav Zivny, Cloud Engineer at Erste Bank. I have a Master's Degree in electronics. However, I think that a Master's Degree in Computer Science could be an even better fit for my job. That being said, I believe that if one has a talent for mathematics and logical thinking, a degree would not even be required. To do well in my job, one should be a forward-thinking person with good communication skills!


The coolest thing about my job is, that I

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