Daniel Sarkady
Studierender Innovation & Management in Tourism
bei FH Salzburg
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18 - 24
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Anyone who would like to learn more about tourism, but also people who are open for innovation or studied tourism before, should decide for this programme, explains Daniel Sarkady, Student of Innovation & Management in Tourism at FH Salzburg. “The most fun lecture we had was a seminar in experience design case where we had to develop an event for the freshmen year, which brought the creativity of our whole class together!”


I think anyone who would like to learn more about tourism, obviously, but also people who are open for new things and especially we're open for innovation because this study program really emphasizes on innovating the tourism industry. And I think even people who already studied tourism before will be happy to learn many new things here at the FH. Hi, my name is Daniel Sarkady, and I'm studying Innovation & Management in Tourism, I'm in my third semester at the Fachhochschule of Salzburg. Basically, after I graduated from my bachelor's degree at the University of Salzburg in Sociology, I decided it was kind of something, or I wanted to do something new. And I came across this Fachhochschule of Salzburg, and I got attracted by the many diverse and different subjects that the FH offers. We have subjects ranging from Sociology to HR, Tourism Management or even eTourism or even Entrepreneurship, which was pretty much interesting for me. And I decided to study at this FH because of the proximity to my home, and because of the fact that it's an international study degree programme. And so the thing is, we don't have an admission test. We don't have an application test, but we have an application interview, which is basically like a job interview. You should be able to tell why you're passionate about why you want to study here, and you should kind of defend your thesis that you have written. And obviously, you have to have a bachelor's degree and your bachelor thesis should have been written in a tourism related subject. And you have to speak English fluently because, well, the program is in English. Our study is part-time, which means you will have classes from Monday until Wednesday. And from Wednesday on, you're free to do whatever you want, but you should probably work. And our schedule, though, is pretty much fixed, which means you cannot really choose the times and dates when you go to class and we have attendance, so you have to come. And besides that, you will probably have to adapt your schedule to the schedule of FH because, well, it's fixed. You cannot really choose the subjects. Most of the subjects are given to you. We have, though, many electives and also language courses that you can visit. We have also many different subjects at the Start-up Center, which is basically nearby here. But besides that, most of your courses and lectures that you have are given to you. Well, you can't really choose a specialization, but you have three specializations in the end. We have three focal points which are Entrepreneurship, eTourism and Experience Design, and you have to do all of those three. But in the end, in the fourth semester, you'll have to do your master's thesis in one of those three specializations. Which means you can really focus on your interest in your fourth semester. The most fun lecture that we had, or interesting was probably experience design case study. It was a seminar where we had to develop an event for the freshman year. And this course really brought the creativity of our whole class together. We were really working hard on creating a super fun and creative, and memorable event for the freshman year. And in the end, I think it turned out pretty fun. We had an after-party. The profs were invited, obviously, so I can only recommend this course. We have both professors coming from a theoretical side and from a practical side because often we have lecturers who are literally coming from the industry to teach us their experiences. Our finance teacher for example, is a professional from a financing company. But most of our FH professors who are internally here are coming from a theoretical side, which means they have a professor's degree and they will teach you a lot about the theory. But on the other hand, we have external professors who teach them more the practical things. Well, as I said, we have three different focal points. And I think you will gain many different competencies and skills throughout your studies because we have Entrepreneurship, we have tourism related subjects, and also experience design related subjects. So typical jobs after the study would for example, be maybe as an HR Manager, strategic management in a company or as an experienced designer, maybe, even, and maybe also you could be the person who starts his own company because we also have many courses that deal with business planning and business development. In fact, we have one classmate who is about to launch his very first owned start-up, which is really interesting. I would say that we have pretty high standards because we have a mensa, we have a library, we have a dorm next door, which is also pretty modern. And in regards to technology, we also have an eTourism lab, which is basically a lab that's only accessible for the IMT master students and bachelor students as well, where we have many different new technologies that are used in tourism.

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