Rajat Mathur
Studierender Studiengang Innovation & Management in Tourism
bei FH Salzburg
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18 - 24
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I am studying at FH Salzburg because on its Open Door Day I got in contact with students and professors who were teaching here and after that I was convinced that the Bachelor's Course Innovation & Management in Tourism is what I wish to pursue. Our infrastructure is on a very high level – we have smart classes, seminar hall and laboratories to put theory into practice. Furthermore, FH Salzburg organises movie nights, excursions and sports activities!


My favorite elective course in my whole bachelor course was food and tourism because I'm a good foodie and I would like to work with people, I really find this very effective and efficient. I'm Rajat Mathur, currently studying my fifth semester of my bachelor's programme, Innovation & Management in Tourism FH Salzburg. In my bachelor's programme, Innovation & Management in Tourism, I study about innovation and management. Apart from this, I'm also studying about e-commerce and social sustainability as well. I'm studying in this university because after its open door day, I got in contact with the students and professors who were teaching here and after that, I was pretty much sure that I want to pursue this. The reason why I came here because of the international aspect of the education. I really encourage the people who want to pursue tourism as their career options to study in FH Salzburg. To get enrolled in FH Salzburg, you would have to go through two different sections: One is the written exam, and the second is the interview. For the written exam, you would have to write an essay about the topic which would be given to you beforehand These questions and answer could go from the trends in tourism and then there would be a multiple choice question answers. These questions and answer could go from the trends in tourism to your computer knowledge skills, to your business English skills as well. After you are done with the written exam, you would have to face an interview where you have to tell questions like what motivates you to study? What are the reason you are here and why you want to study this program? As this is a part time program, we are offered three days off from a week, which is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In three days of this week, we can either work or just roam around Salzburg to see how beautiful it is. In third semester, we are given a possibility to choose a specialization that we want to do in our program. It could be Hospitality Management or Destination Management. By the end of the study program, you would have a mix of both. One, you would be specialized on a particular topic as you would be writing your Bachelor thesis on that topic; and secondly, you would have all the tools and the skills necessary to pursue your dream in tourism sector. I really love the teaching style of the teachers in FH Salzburg not just because they are very well educated and well positioned in the program, but also of the practical aspects that they carry with them. For example, if you are learning about general management, a General Manager would be teaching you their subject. How interesting is it? The infrastructure of FH Salzburg is pretty much well developed. Not only we have smart classes, but we have seminar halls and laboratories where student put their theory into practice and so that we are not confined in one single room and studying all the time, FH also organizes movie nights, excursions and sports activities.

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